IOGEAR 15″ MacBook Pro KB Skin/Screen Protector


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IOGEAR’s Shield+Protect Keyboard Skin and Screen Protector was specially designed to keep your MacBook in the same pristine condition as the day you purchased it.
Protects 15″ MacBook Pro® Retina screen from scratches, dust, and dirt
Fingerprint resistant and easy to apply
Protects the eyes against the damaging effects of blue light coming from the screen
Keyboard Skin
Protects the keyboard from accidental spills, dust, key wear and more
Soft durable silicone material ensures a comfortable typing experience
Flexible, washable, and easy to apply and remove for cleaning or disinfecting
IOGEAR’s transparent screen protectors feature a 6-layer protective construction and measure only 0.22mm in thickness.
IOGEAR’s MacBook Keyboard Skin and Screen Protector were meticulously designed to protect your MacBook without changing the look and feel of your laptop.

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