Just Mobile AluCable Flat [Braided] rose gold

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AluCable™ Flat artfully updates the way you charge and sync. Strength, stability and elegance has been designed into its very fabric. The sophisticated braided outer, strain-resistant jacket and the high-durability fibre core protect you from the headache of a broken cable, while reinforced stress points near the joints add durability and flexibility.


  • Its flat profile also allows AluCable™ to coil beautifully, with a Velcro tie to keep you tangle-free and ready for action.


  • 4ft/1.2m long, tangle-free lightning cable Transfers data 20% faster than standard cable


  • 7x more durable compared to non-braided cables Ultra-slim aluminum lightning connector Tough braided fiber exterior & nylon fiber core Anti-mold


  • anti-stain, anti-bacterial braided material Reinforced fray-resistant strain relief joints Convenient


  • cable strap Apple MFi Certified

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