Marshall Acton II Black Bluetooth Speaker


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This dynamic compact speaker features three dedicated class D amplifiers that power its dual tweeters and subwoofer, for a sound that is nothing short of large. With Alexa you can use your voice to multi-task, hands-free. Ask Alexa to play your favourite playlist or teach you a new chord progression on the guitar. Even tell Alexa to turn the volume up when your favourite song comes on or hit the lights when you’re ready to call it a day.


  • Acton II voice is the smallest speaker in the Marshall line-up, but produces a sound that’s nothing short of large, it delivers a well-balanced, powerful audio experience that’s easily controlled by your voice


  • Now you can play and control your music hands-free with Alexa


  • Consider this speaker your backstage pass to every song on the planet, access to all of the world’s music has never been easier


  • Fill your home with sound using multi-room music on Alexa-enabled devices


  • The brass plate is proudly etched with the establishment date of 1962 – a subtle nod to the brand’s heritage and over 50 years of loud.


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