Nillkin 2 pcs SnapLink Magnetic Sticker Converts Any phone to Magsafe Enabled Strong Adhesion Sticks to your Phone Purple Color X 2

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Nillkin SnapLink Magnetic Sticker

Compatible with all mainstream Apple & Android models, SnapLink magnetic sticker introduces the magic of MagSafe to your phone and enables it to work flawlessly with MagSafe wireless chargers and other magnetic accessories.Preferably PU leather, scratch resistant and wear resistant. Strong magnetic design. Small and light, easy to install. Adopt imported 3M traceless adhesive which is suitable to various materials of phone case and back plates of mobile phone.



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  • Enjoy the delight of Magsafe with Snapshold Magnetic Sticker
  • Strong Magnetic Adsorption, can hold weight upto 800 gms
  • Preferably PU leather, scratch resistant and wear resistant
  • Light & small, can be removed and carried easily in your packet and placed at new place
  • Extremely Light & Ultra Thin & small in size

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