Nillkin Case for Apple iPhone 14 Plus (6.7″ Inch) CamShield Leather Finish S Type Semi Automatic Spring Metal Camera Slider Wireless Charge Protect Green

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CamShield Leather Case S
CamShield Leather Case S, adopt light-luxury plain leather, with high-grade luxury, elegant texture, warm and comfortable feel; The patented lens spring cover, which is made of metal, not only prevents the lens from scratching, but protects your phone’s privacy from disclosure. 360° protection, anti-seismic and anti falling; Light and thin design, wireless charging freely。


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  • Patented Lens Spring Design, semi automatic shutter for lens
  • 360 Protection – Leather Back cover, PC Panel, Metal Lens Cover, TPU Frame Protection
  • Supports Wireless Charging without removing the case
  • Delicate Textured Leather for Warm & Comfortable Holding