Nillkin Case for Huawei Pura 70 Pro / Pro Plus / P70 Pro / P70 Pro Plus (6.8″ Inch) Carbo Prop Magnetic Mag SafeFlip Lens Camera Mobile Holder Media Aramid Fibre + TPU Soft Edge 360 Protect Black

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CarboProp case is made of aramid fiber , commonly known as black gold in the material industry. By overmolding injection with aramid fiber and TPU, provides your phone comprehensive protection. The creative metal frame design not only protects the camera, but also serves as a phone holder. Independent metal buttons, precision cut for a tight fit. With built-in strong magnet, you could enjoy MagSafe at will.


  • Selected Aramid Fibre known as Black Gold in industry, for heavy protection to your device.
  • Magnetic case for your device, so you can use all Mag Safe / Magnetic accessories without removing your case, allowing you the freedom of usage
  • Cutting Edge Technology , overmolding injection, with Aramid Fibre & TPU , wrapped design for strong protection
  • Camera Protection via metal material, & kickstand , aluminium alloy cover protects camera & can also be used as a media stand
  • Borders are sealed with TPU Soft Edge material, and also giving 360 protection to your device
  • Front has 0.5 mm lifted bezel for screen protection
  • Anti Oil Stain, Skin Friendly Touch, Anti Fingerprint with strong magnet to enjoy original features of the device