Nillkin Screen Guard for ASUS Zenfone 2 (5.5″) Clear Scratch Proof Simple Set

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Protect your phone with a high quality  clear screen protector. This screen protector will prevent scratches on the phone’s screen without sacrificing visibility. The screen protector includes a microfiber cleaning cloth and an installation card to help you apply the screen protector.
Features: Bubble-Free Application and dust repelling.


Heavy duty screen protector!
An ultimate solution to protect your phone’s screen.
It reduces glare, scratches, and smudges and improves clarity.
Compact design for your phone.
Once applied to the device does not slide or move.
Dust repelling.
This film has radiation protection andcan protect eyes from fatigue, dryness and decreased vision.
Simple Version = super clear anti- fingerprint screen film + screen cloth + de-dusting sticker
As device has curves at the edges the screen guard will not cover the entrire screen and the edges will be uncovered

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