Nillkin Tempered Glass for Apple iPad Mini 2021 / Apple iPad Mini 6 (8.3″ Inch) V+ Anti Blue Light/Anti Glare Glass Shatterproof Protection


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Nillkin V+ anti blue light tempered glass

V+ anti blue light tempered glass, with blue light filter, light transmission is up to 92%, ultra clear. Eyes care, relief eyes strain. Made of Japanese AGC glass, 4 hours high temperature tempering, hardness up to 9H. Processed by advanced technology, only 0.33mm thin, 2.5D edging, completely fit your device.


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  • Blue Light Filter. Anti Blue. Anti Glare. Ultra Clear
  • 6 Layered Tempered glass to protect your device
  • Ultra clear glass, you wont feel there is a glass on device, as it gives full clarity even when glass is applied
  • High Strength Hardness, but only 0.3 mm thin & full sensitive touch

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