Nite Ize KeyRack Steel S-Biner – Black

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This stainless steel carabiner clip body is paired with six durable stainless steel S-Biners to easily attach and remove keys. Clip individual keys to the S-Biners, and then connect the whole KeyRack to your belt loop or purse strap using the carabiner body.


  • While the KeyRack Steel might not change your entire life, it is sure to make the key parts of it a lot less complicated


  • Two options available: KeyRack Steel in Stainless finish is packaged with 6 Size #.5 Stainless Steel S-Biners.


  • The KeyRack Steel’s innovative S-Biners combine the innovation


  • Packaged with 6 Size #.5 Stainless Steel S-Biners – combining the innovation and versatility of the S-Biner to provide unique functionality and access to your keys.


  • Features a durable stainless steel carabiner clip which allows you to clip the Key Rack to an existing key chain


  • Heavy duty construction of high quality Stainless Steel components – Keep your keys secure and easily accessible.

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