UltraProlink 150 ml Solution + Microfiber Cloth


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The UltraProlink UM0008 Cleaning kit (150ml) uses a 3-in-1 formula that work in tandem to keep your devices squeaky clean – Anti bacterial properties will ensure a germ free device, Anti Static property acts like a dust repellent while Anti Drip ensures the liquid stays where it is when sprayed. Gentle enough to use on all types of screens & surfaces. A cleaner device ensures less operational errors and longer life of the device.


  • UNIVERSAL SCREEN CLEANER : specifically designed to clean & santize all your smartphone, tablets, Laptops & all other consumer electronic screens and make them shine like new!. And since it contains no alcohol or ammonia , It will not damage or stain your screen. ANTI BACTERIAL FORMULA : Mobile Phones carry more germs than public restrooms and no better way to sanitize it with iKlean’s unique anti-bacterial formula designed to kill 99.99% germs which reside on your devices.


  • ANTI-STATIC FORMULA : All electronic device screens carry a certain amount of charge when they are operative. This will cause dust particles to get attracted & settle on them. Regularly cleaning your screens with iKlean ensures its anti-static property discharges electric charge & acts as a dust repellent. Even the NYLON BRUSH helps in repelling dust. Use the nylon bristles brush to remove visible dust & debris from screens, edges, keyboards etc before you start the wet cleaning. The Nylon brist


  • ANTI-DRIP FORMULA : iKlean cleaning solution comes with a unique anti-drip formula which will not drip into crevices & ports on the device. So which means even if you were to spray directly onto the screen, the solution will not drip & spread. iKlean will not STREAK your screen. We strongly recommend spraying onto the cloth directly & wiping from edge to edge in straight lines.


  • SAFE FOR YOU & YOUR DEVICE : iKlean is laboratory tested & safety certified. Safe enough for kids to use. iKlean is specifically designed to clean, sanitize & protect any cell phone screen and the complete device . There are no ingredients that will etch, scratch, or damage any screen or device. A screen that is free of smudges, finger prints, dust & bacteria is not only visually appealing but also gentler on the eyes. No more squinting now.


  • LINT FREE PREMIUM MICRO FIBRE CLOTH: The premium cloth we provide is of extremely high-quality,soft,micro fibre material which absorb and removes dust,oil,smudges,fingerprints and dirt.Leaves no scratches,streaks,marks,or lint.Made of 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide.Measures 20cm x 20cm. Hand Wash without any detergent and Re-Use Multiple time.Can be used on any delicate surface like screens,smart phones and other touch screens,camera lenses and filters,etc

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